Art History at Manchester

Holly Waterhouse, 3rd Year student at Manchester. Holly came to and assisted at an ARTiculation Discovery Day at the Whitworth in September 2016



I’m currently in my third year studying Art History at the University of Manchester and have really enjoyed both the course and the student life experience in Manchester. As well as an established Art History department with lecturers specialising in everything from women and medicine in Medieval Italian art, to British Nineteenth-century art, and to Fairy Tales in Modern and Contemporary art, Art History students at Manchester also have the benefits of being in a big (though not too large) city. There are many cultural institutions with rich learning resources such as the John Rylands library, The Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery to name a few.

In first year students are introduced to Art History through a survey course which explores both canonical and sometimes unusual artworks that have changed the course of Art history. This course is a great way to get to know the different lecturers in the department as different lecturers present on different art objects. The highlight of second year is the course unit centered around a trip to a European city. My year went to Paris which was very enjoyable whirlwind of art, culture and delicious french food! Alongside the trip we had to complete a weekly blog on Paris and write a 4000 word essay on a topic of our choice which was very good practice for the dissertation in third year. The first semester of third year has also been very enjoyable; my research for my dissertation is even taking me to Venice thanks to the department’s travel bursary scheme.

As well as academic work, I am also involved in Manchester Art Group, a student society which runs art workshops and socials and I am a peer mentor for first year art history students. I would recommend studying Art History in Manchester if you want to be surrounded by a lively art scene, enjoy being in a city environment and want to engage with art hands on!

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