Hippocratic Tree: ARTiculation at the Whitworth

Illustration and words by Miriam Dafydd, a 3rd year student at University of Manchester


Whilst watching the young presenters talk, the force of their creativity, passion and talent was almost palpable. It was a precious and privileged experience to be introduced to the competitors’ interests, to the ideas they had read about and developed, and presented to us with such verve. We were introduced to new connections, new ideas and I’m sure everyone, even teachers, left having learnt something exciting.

The audience was sat facing outwards towards Whitworth Park, a green haven on Manchester’s bustling Oxford Road, populated by trees, schoolchildren and university students. The Park also houses the Whitworth Gallery’s sculpture collection, and I felt that one in particular caught the vibrant, enlightened atmosphere created by ARTiculation’s competitors. Christine Borland’s Hippocratic Tree, under which people can picnic, read, and exchange ideas in a pretty setting, sparked my illustration – my own Hippocratic Tree. This is where ideas bubble and flow, much like those of the talented students I had the fortune to hear speak. 

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