An elegant contrast …


Waves flutter and tumble gently onto the sands of Porthmeor Beach.
The self effacing curves and crevices of the Tate St Ives lay behind.
Beyond these sculptural walls lies 55 sq meters of gallery space.
The new gallery fills with soft cornish daylight from five and a half meters above.
Penetrating the glass panels of the roof, the south light dances across the gallery floor.
Ever changing throughout the day.
An elegant contrast to the somewhat harsh concrete beams.
Seamlessly supporting.

The character of the Tate St Ives extension has been beautiful coincided with the original.For me, acting as a best friend, as opposed to an identical copy nor divergence of style.

I was in awe of this, and how the space allowed the works of artist Rebecca Warren, to
explore their optimism and limitation, as suggested by the title ‘All That Heaven Allows’. Her bronze and clay shapes felt human like and familiar. While the bold and structural nature of her constructions, together with her intricate neon assemblages, gave the sense that they are in the space they were always meant to be. Revealing the significance of the
architecture of the New Tate St Ives. I feel privileged and delighted to have been given the opportunity to visit such a work of wonder. And am very thankful to ARTiculation for the Kenneth Clark Travel Award.

Ella Doris Stoneham-Bull

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