Kenneth Clark Travel Award

Natassia Nevill received the Kenneth Clark Travel Award in March 2019 to visit a museum of her choice.  She chose to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.  Here is her account of her visit.


My trip to the Pitt Rivers museum was thrilling and educational, their section on Body Art through the ages was exactly what I needed as evidence in my sketchbook. It had examples of European body tools for head shaping, lip stretching and brass neck rings etc. All of which will allow me to highlight how the perception of beauty changes in different cultures and time. Many of these forms of Body Art may appear drastic, terrifying and quite inhumane in comparison to our Western ideals of beauty. However, in a hundred years time, we may look back on our use of plastic surgery and question the ethics there. Which is the point I have tried to make with my visit to Oxford and I am so pleased that I was given Kenneth Clark Travel Award so that I could pursue something I am passionate about. Thank you.

The  Kenneth Clark Society ARTiculation Travel Award was established in 2014 sponsored by the Kenneth Clark Society to enable students to visit works of art, architecture or exhibitions of their choice within the British Isles.

Students who participate in ARTiculation through our outreach programme, Discovery Days, and then subsequently take part in the ARTiculation Prize are invited to submit a 100-200 word outline of where they would like to visit and why.

Awards are announced at the ARTiculation Prize Finals in Cambridge.

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