ARTiculation, a national public speaking initiative for young people, has been in existence for 10 years. It is now time to gather those young voices to contribute to a new strand of ARTiculation. ARTicualtion Voice is an ongoing, online  conversation centered around the arts, research and response.

Through ARTiculation Voice we are reconnecting with  and representing the young people who, at the ages of 16 to 19, took the leap to do something challenging and as a result developed a voice which teachers, artists, peers, directors, journalists and academics listened to.

Out of an intuitive need to explore, research and develop an understanding of the arts, young people have gone on to do great things, things they may never have considered possible before taking part in ARTiculation.

This ARTiculation Voice is about  opening up opportunities for young people to be involved in the arts, sharing experiences of education and careers around art related subjects and providing a platform for young voices.

Watch this space as we develop a digital network to support the ever-evolving ARTiculation Network.